Heavy duty and hazardous solar panels

Solar Panels for Heavy Duty & Hazardous Workplaces

Companies operating in locations containing flammable gases, vapor, liquids or in remote locations and areas with extreme climates require equipment that can withstand both the natural and working environment. Minimizing maintenance and operational costs are vitally important to a successful venture in these environments. The Invensun Sundragon Hazardous Grade Solar Panel is the paramount choice for use in applications that demand safety and durability.

  • Withstands extreme weather
  • Durable construction
  • System design and installation flexibility
  • Safe to install potentially in hazardous locations

Invensun solar panels are designed to be intrinsically safe in potentially explosive areas where flammable gases, vapor or liquids exist. The Invensun Sundragon Hazardous Grade Solar Modules have been tested by an independent and globally recognized standards lab that certified our solar panels to Class I Division II, Class A, B, C, and D hazardous location safety standards.

Further, our solar panels are built to endure extreme outdoor conditions. The heavy-duty construction provides long-term dependability and durability in extreme climates as well as under tough working conditions. Invensun guarantees the highest quality, safety and value for specialized applications.