How to buy Invensun solar panels

How to Buy

The first step in getting your solar panel project started is to contact us.

Upon receiving your enquiry, the New Projects Team will contact you in 48 hours to further assess your needs and determine which of the following is the most suitable next step for your project:

Invensun Knowledge-based Distribution Partner: Able to provide system level advice as well as Invensun Solar Panels and balance of system components such as inverters, racking, batteries, enclosures, cabling etc.

Invensun Authorized Solar Power Solutions Provider: Local Invensun Authorized Solar Power Solutions Provider who will guide you through your solar installation, including design, permitting, financing, incentive processing, and system maintenance.

Invensun Turnkey Projects: For suitable projects and after due diligence, Invensun will perform an on-site feasibility study and provide engineering, procurement, construction and project financing. In most cases no up front payments from the project owner are required. Payment to Invensun from the project owner is only due when the project is operational and therefore bankable.

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